Making the Next Mark



The next THRIVE gathering

will take place at

Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax

June 2-5, 2019


Save the dates, join the team. 


Last June we had a glimpse of something...

An alive, generative way of being together.

A space of break-through learning.

A realization that change can happen more quickly than we thought.


Another cycle is beginning.

We are building on the theme of Netukulimk (interdependence). How do we restore our relationships to the land and each other? What will it take to heal our colonial legacy? How do our economies become more embedded in the well-being of our communities and ecosystems? And how can we use these times of uncertainty to revisit what matters and create a future that works? 

Get involved.

  • Join the Incubation Team. We meet online for an hour every three weeks, to feed into the planning process. Contact

  • Tell your story. Let us know about your community or systems change project. We are looking for blog posts and story-tellers that we can all learn from—both before and during the June gathering.

  • Stand by for updates. Hosts, stream leaders, story-tellers and artists are coming together now. The website will be updated regularly, with registration opening the third week of January.



Who’s Coming?

Check back soon to see who’s leading sessions and sharing their stories.



Give us some quick feedback

Answer a question about 2019 streams and let us know if you'd like to get involved.