Coming together to create a future that works for all.


Pjila’si - Fáilte - Bienvenue - Welcome

We are a network of people and partners who are passionate about our communities and concerned about the future. We believe it is time to rethink and re-create systems that define our communities, economies and way of life. Much of what we need is already here. THRIVE creates opportunities for change-makers to gather, connect, learn, stretch, grow, and align their efforts more. The goal is to thrive—not just survive—as we co-create systems that serve us all. 


THRIVE is for you if...


You are asking questions about root causes.

See you in June!


The next THRIVE gathering will be at Mount Saint Vincent University, June 2-5.


And in the meantime…


We’re scouting for stories and reflections from the field.