Let’s come together to create a future that works for all.


Pjila’si - Fáilte - Bienvenue - Welcome

We are a network of people and partners who are passionate about our communities and concerned about the future. We believe it is time to rethink and re-create systems that define our communities, economies and way of life. Much of what we need is already here.

THRIVE creates opportunities for change-makers to gather, connect, learn, stretch, grow, and align our efforts more. The goal is to thrive—not just survive—as we co-create communities and systems that serve us all, now and into the future. 


THRIVE is for you if...



You are looking for immediate next steps while asking questions about root causes. You are willing to try something different to learn something new.


You are working with tough challenges like these:

  • Engaging your community to create its own solutions

  • Aiming for real progress with long-standing challenges like poverty and racism

  • Inviting unlikely partners to the table 

  • Stepping in without reinforcing colonial patterns

  • Taking a stand without alienating partners you need

  • Depending on the same systems you want to change

  • Working with unacknowledged power dynamics

  • Bringing passion and a sense of urgency to your work without burning out



It all started when…

How We THRIVE was an experiment in "just doing it." A few people dreamed of an event that would capture the energy and possibilities that are alive in our region right now. People from across communities and walks of life would come together for four days—long enough to get below the surface of issues and challenges, have real conversations, learn and unlearn. Soon others pitched in, volunteering their time and offering to share stories and host sessions.

On June 17-20, 2018, 130 people came together at Mount Saint Vincent University for the first How We THRIVE gathering. Influenced by the earlier ALIA Institute, the event included learning streams, the arts, and small-group and whole-group conversations. After four days we left with a richer understanding of how we can accelerate positive change in our communities and region. We began to uncover a shared story about how we thrive, now and into the future. And we took home tools and connections that will help us move towards that future. We also began to see how THRIVE could become more rooted in the diverse communities of this region. See photos, feedback, themes and reflections from that first gathering here.

We are continuing to evolve.

Susan Szpakowski and Hélène Branch are currently co-orchestrators of the teams and partners that make up THRIVE. Meet the teams and find out how you can get involved.

How We THRIVE is a nonprofit organization based in K’jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia).