Economy for all

The world of work is changing, and it is as important as ever to understand how we can prepare for, adapt to, and shape our future possibilities. As communities, organizations, and individuals, we have the assets and strengths to collectively address economic, environmental, and social challenges and inspire meaningful change. This stream provides an opportunity for us to work together—across generation, communities, sectors, and organizations—to be able to shape a future that truly works for all.

Justin Andrews is a Professional Chef, with six years experience in restaurants and cafes, and has taught many cooking classes.  He has also worked on two farms and been involved with local farmers markets. Taking a break from the industry, Justin returned to Dalhousie University to study Sociology and Sustainability. He has a passion for public health and environmental protection, and is interested in both preventative health strategies and better food policy.

Michael Flood is a curious generalist, a policy wonk, and a believer that it is going to take some sweeping changes to ensure a future that works for all. Born and raised in New Brunswick, Michael has always believed that it is our social capital - our community, family and friends—that matter most.  He spent years studying and living in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, which proved to him that the affinity he feels for the Maritime provinces’ culture of community and hospitality is alive and well in other pockets of the planet. He currently resides in Halifax and works for Engage Nova Scotia as a Director with the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Initiative.

Jess Popp believes in a world where everyone should have the opportunity to flourish and dream. Her work has spanned multiple continents and sectors, as she learns how folis from across the world—from various cultures and backgrounds—come together to share, approach challenges and opportunities, and enact positive change in their communities. Jess currently works with the Centre for Employment Innovation at St. Francis Xavier University, striving to support Dr. Rev. Moses Coady’s vision of a “full and abundant life for all.” As individuals and communities, we collectively have the skills, assets and strengths to address our economic, environmental and social issues. Jess, in collaboration with partners and communities, enjoys creating spaces for people from all walks of life to come together to discuss the critical issues of today. A bluenoser by choice, Jess, her partner Harrison, and their large musterlander Darwin are happy to now call rural Cape Breton home.

Susan Szpakowski