THRIVE is for you if...



You are looking for immediate next steps while asking questions about root causes. You are willing to try something different to learn something new.


You are working with tough challenges like these:

  • Engaging your community to create its own solutions

  • Passing the torch to emerging leaders 

  • Inviting unlikely partners to the table 

  • Stepping in without reinforcing colonial patterns

  • Taking a stand without alienating partners you need

  • Depending on the same systems you want to change

  • Making real progress with long-standing systemic challenges like poverty and racism

  • Bringing your passion and sense of urgency to your work without burning out


Who We Are

A THRIVE gathering comes together through the inspiration and efforts of many people who contribute in teams, partnerships and in various roles at the event itself. Planning is an ongoing process of listening for what’s percolating and what’s ready, building relationships, challenging assumptions, and adjusting as we go. Susan Szpakowski and Hélène Branch currently orchestrate this process (while being in it themselves).



Design team


Our team is shaping the theme, conversations and events at THRIVE 2019. As individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds, we are practicing “how we thrive” in our meetings, taking the time to build relationships and trust, so we can go beyond business-as-usual solutions and create something fresh and authentic. We see the 2019 gathering as one highlight on this ongoing journey.



Incubation Team

Our team is adding energy, inspiration and hands-on help with outreach and logistics. Click on the photos to find out why we are coming to THRIVE.



Sponsors and Partners

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